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Dunamis Elite Consulting, LLC specializes in the areas of process improvement = using Lean Six Sigma structure and guidelines, coaching (executive, relationship, life and leadership); organizational development, motivational speaking, and team building. Dunamis uses The Attentional and Interpersonal Styles (TAIS) inventory and the Dunamis Coaching Model (DCM), to identify individual strengths, weakness, and comfort levels ultimately identifying areas that build stronger relationships, powerful organizations, and dynamic leaders.

Design & Developement

Dunamis’ staff and partners are experienced Organizational Development Practitioners who understands the dynamics of the human system and can develop and design programs, utilizing a holistic approach that builds healthy relationships, productive working environments, and dynamic leaders who can move the organization to the next level.

Creative Process

Using a managerial approach, we will assist leaders in developing a creative process, covering areas such as marketing, sales techniques, as well as lead generation strategies. Dunamis staff has over 50 years of combined history background in recruiting, sales, and retention. This process focus on innovation techniques of gathering and processing knowledge, as well as generating ideas that are needed to move the organization forward.

Organizational Change

To keep up with today’s society, it is important that organizations are willing to make necessary changes. These changes can be planned or unplanned, as well as major or minor. Dunamis uses the 5-W approach when assisting its clients in making changes in the organizations.

  1. Why is a change necessary?
  2. Who does this change affect?
  3. Where will this change be made at?
  4. When will this change be made?
  5. What changes are needed?

This approach allows our staff to gain a better understanding of how the change will affect the organization as well as be more conscious of the most appropriate measure needed throughout the change process.

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DEC is skilled in assisting organizational leaders in creating a culture of empowered leaders, implementing a leadership coaching program, conducting performance reviews, goal setting and one-on-one coaching with leaders or employees to help set goals and reflect on how successfully they solve problems and feel more confident in their decision making environmental processes.

Are you and your employees productive, satisfied, and effective? If the answer is no, let Dunamis assist you in creating a productive work environment where employees are satisfied and satisfied in their position.

  • Design 85% 85%
  • Development 95% 95%
  • Marketing 80% 80%

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