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About the Macks
Cornelius and Geraldine Mack have spent years perfecting the art of effective executive coaching. Their expertise specializes in relationship enhancement, both professionally and personally. Their personalities make the coaching experience personalized to your needs. They have rave reviews from the multitude of clients they’ve catered to over the years. Contact them today and get to know them. They’ll change your life!

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Everyday there are new demands and information which guides an individuals’ and organizations’ success. Relying on yesterday’s ideas, products, and assumptions can spell failure. Today’s leaders need more skills than ever before to remain successful. As well, divorce rates are at an all-time high and couples are struggling to find ways to stay together. Dunamis Elite Consulting offers a conglomerate of programs that aids in the benefit of “Next Level” progression. Through unparalleled expertise, Dunamis” programs focus on superior service for our clients.